Custom Build PC's

This is not a service we generally publicise. For a basic PC, it is generally more cost effective to use a company such as Dell. We handle the order on behalf of our customers ensuring they get the equipment they need, installed to desk by us and still have the warranty from Dell.

We are however, still asked by some customers to build a customised PC.

Shuttle CaseSometimes the customer knows exactly what they want, perhaps a dual monitor or triple monitor (rare) setup; a gaming PC with high spec graphics card(s); specific type, speed and size of memory; RAID setup for the hard disks; maybe they want a Small Form Factor computer like the excellent Shuttle series.

Price is always a factor and this is a very competitive market with component prices changing sometimes daily! Hence we only order parts as required.

Our competitive edge is in customer service. As an example, we always install to desk as part of the service and don't charge you extra for the privilege.

How much does it cost?

We can build a PC to a budget you set - we tell you what you will get for a given budget, or you can specify what you want, and we will quote you for that specification.

Unless you have a licence that can be used on the new PC or want to use Linux, we also purchase a Microsoft Windows 7 licence to fully comply with anti-piracy laws.

Please note: For new customers, this service is limited to those within a 30 minute drive from Newport, South Wales.

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