We offer Local Area Network (LAN) installations for your business. Depending on your business requirements, the LAN may include one or more servers and (secure) wireless capabilities.

How much does it cost?

In this case, there are too many variables to indicate a price for the service and hence the cost is negotiable.


Not so long ago, the only places you would find a network of computers would be in larger business premises or colleges.

These days, more people have, albeit small, networks in their homes to share their internet connection. Those that do are choosing wireless networks;

  1. For the flexibility of moving one or more PC's from room to room (in the case of laptops from room to garden)
  2. To keep their partner happy  (no unsightly wires draping through the house)

We find many self install wireless networks have no security! The result may be that others are sharing your internet connection that you are paying for, without your knowledge or consent. This may have more serious implications for you depending on what the unauthorised user is viewing.

We ensure that the wireless networks we install are secure!

Where wireless doesn't work, other options may be available such as Homeplug.

How much does it cost?

Our standard charge for a secure home wireless network installation is £50 plus the cost of the components.

Did you know that we can add various games machines to your wireless network?

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