Do you or somebody within your organisation have an IT training need?

We can offer training either on a one to one basis or groups of up to six people. Please contact us with your requirements.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your requirements, our rates start from £100 per person per day.


Explore ways in which Information Technology may help improve your business.


Sponsored links

We can set up sponsored links for your website on Google and Live/MSN. You set the monthly budget, we agree the keywords and your target for where in the sponsored links you want to be (for example: first page or top three).

PC upgrades

We are able to fit any compatible component upgrade or replacement into your PC. For example a new or additional hard disk, replacement graphics card, extra memory, video capture cards etc

You may benefit from a dual monitor setup. With the right graphics card and two monitors attached, you could have your favourite browser open on one screen and your word processor open on the other. Move your mouse cursor between the screens, cutting and pasting, as if you had one very large monitor!

Golden Rules

Our golden rules - have a read as they may save you from a lot of inconvenience or even from a potential fraud.

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