When your PC does not do what you want it to...

Possible Causes

Your PC may have...

This list goes on...

We can fix it!

Most of the PC's/laptops that we fix come under the first four categories above. Whilst we have provided some tips in our Golden Rules on how to avoid problems, fixing them afterwards is often beyond the average PC user.

We have an excellent record in fixing PC's (desktops and laptops), and whilst some may require a replacement component(s), it is normally far cheaper than buying a new PC

The first thing we do when we have your PC is attempt to save your data - normally the most valuable part of your computer and one that cannot be replaced. Even if your PC will not boot (start up), we still have a good chance of getting at your data.

After that, well most users are not really interested in the "how" just in the "can you" fix it. We do however, make sure all the latest service packs, security patches and updates are applied to your operating system (Windows®), your antivirus and anti Spyware programs.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from just £45. Where new components are required, we order these as required due the almost daily fluctuation in prices.

Please note: For new customers, this particular service is limited to those within a 30 minute drive from Newport, South Wales.

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